Morality Lost, The Age Of Decadence

We admission apparent it on our TV screens, we apprehend it on the radio, we abide to assemblage it in the movies and we admission accomplished it in person. The age of corrupt amoral behavior has redefined our nation. This transformation has rendered the United States butterfingers of healing the wounds that admission disconnected this nation.

When we attending from the alfresco in we admission apparent a seismic about-face of chastity that authentic the country for over 200 years. That chastity absolute in our association by our founding fathers produced a country that grew in ability to become that shinning light, that alarm of achievement in an contrarily blurred world. But, aural the abbreviate amount of just 45 years the government of the humans and by the humans became the government by the government and for the government and the 1%. In the action of this about-face the adulteration of the nations behavior gradually accelerated. A new norm, a lower accepted denominator of adequate behavior has seeped into anytime bolt of our society. And, yes the adoration of money has replaced abundant of the basal behavior of our accomplished society

As it has appear to canyon the age of bribery is now aloft us. Yet, to the multitudes they abide absent to the awe-inspiring hardships that lie in wait. Unbelievable hardships hidden beneath the blind of bamboozlement area adamant perpetrators of abuse apply their influence. Now, the canicule of blissful absorption will anon be just abroad memories. It is consistently said that the best way to accord with the approaching is to attending to the past. It is the accomplished admitting that provides the a lot of authentic barometer of the future. There is added accuracy to this than we know. Yet, too abounding times abnormally those in government abort to apply the able protocols to accumulate from repeating mistakes that were already made. In abounding instances today are characteristics so identical to incidents of our past. Repeated for the arduous account of the all able elite.

The account of the gravest burlesque in US history absolutely begins over 100 years ago. The year was 1907 if the aboriginal 20th aeon coffer run occurred ambience off the recession of 1907. It all started if the Knickerbocker Trust Company of New York, collapsed. That year its funds were getting acclimated by then-president Charles T. Barney in a plan to drive up the amount of chestnut by cornering the market. This action came baffled due to the auctioning of millions of dollars in chestnut into the bazaar to stop a adverse takeover. If this became accessible on October 21,1907 the National Coffer of Commerce appear that it would no best admission checks for the Knickerbocker Trust Company it triggered a run of depositors ambitious their money back. What happened next resulted in the Panic of 1907. This banking crisis set off a alternation of contest arch the banking leaders of the day like J.P. Morgan, Jekyll Club associates George F. Baker and James Stillman both presidents of NY’s arch still bread-and-butter banks to apprehend that there is a charge for a banking arrangement or coffer of abide resort to affair loans and added forms of accessory to abstain off added banking institutions insolvency. J.P. Morgan had already been in abutting acquaintance with European bankers namely the Rothschilds who were acquisitive to get their admission in the United States banking markets. It was J.P. Morgan who instigated several banking assignment and organized rescues of several NY banks. Through his acute abetment of banking moves he engineered the banking bailout of New York. You apperceive that old adage “while the bodies abroad the mice will play” able-bodied that is absolutely what happened if President Roosevelt was on a hunting cruise in Louisiana the banking gurus in New York and afresh treasury secretary George B. Cortelyou took affairs in their own easily and with Rothschild’s abetment absitively to anatomy the Federal Reserve.

The Federal assets Act of 1913 was the aftereffect of that artful affair in November of 1910 on Jekyll island. A clandestine coffer advised for the specific purpose to book money and accommodation it with absorption to the Government of the US and all added banking institutions beyond the country. Today, the absorption on all the money printed and loaned to the government and our banking institutions has steered this country appropriate into the a lot of astringent debt crisis in history. Anticipate of all the QE bailouts from Enron, the bootless accumulation and loans banking disaster, to the bread-and-butter crisis of 2008 not to acknowledgment all the wars in amid and we are talking about trillions of dollars of debt. Through in the actuality that from the mid 1930′s all our money and banking affairs are no best aback by gold or silver. The annihilative ability of authorization bill is absolutely what the United States has been affianced in anytime aback the 1930′s. In 1913 Congress and even President Wilson were affected by the astronomic admission of the Money Changes of the times like J.P. Morgan and Europe’s Rothschilds had. This is if Congress unconstitutionally ceded the ability of this nation’s money to a abreast endemic and captivated association of all-embracing bankers.

The Federal Assets agilely took over the nations banking affairs and in accomplishing so has bamboozled the accessible on the abetment that has alone en trenched axial bankers influences over every aspect of our lives. There are seven signals that admission apparent that the Federal Assets absolutely has put the United States on a aisle against cocky destruction. History is about to echo itself yet again. This time it is the United States whose abortion is axiomatic by these seven stages that admission accurate empires absolutely don’t abide forever. It is accurate that whenever superior money moves to abundance bill singles the assured atrophy of an empire. This time that authority is the United States.

Whenever a country starts out with “Good Money” which is backed by gold or argent but as it develops and the abridgement grows it consistently begins to yield on added banking burdens. As the country begins to add band aloft band of accessible works it aswell provides for added development of their abridgement and amusing standing. If a countries bread-and-butter affluence grows so does its political influence. It consistently increases expenditures not alone to armamentarium added accessible works, this in itself would be OK, but, actuality lies the a lot of damaging trend, it aswell provides the accretion allotment for aggressive expenditures. Now, that a country has a massive aggressive accretion they consistently puts it’s aggressive to use. In the end expenditures explode. To armamentarium wars and aggressive use countries activate to abduct the abundance of its humans by replacing their money with bill that can be created in absolute quantities. This consistently after-effects in the accident of purchasing ability of the broadcast bill accumulation which triggers a accident of acceptance in that currency. What happens next is that a accumulation movement out of the authorization bill into adored metals and added actual assets. The bill afresh collapses and gold and argent dispatch in price. In the end the alteration of this massive abundance consistently flows to the ones who had abundant assets to admission the now absolute money beforehand.

Today, the massive abundance alterity gap continues to widen and pushes added and added of the citizenry down the bread-and-butter ladder. The United States is appropriate in bore with all the stages of an bread-and-butter accident advance appropriate afore our eyes. This is alone the alpha of the end of the United States as we now apperceive it. We are adverse a dystopian approaching in which advance has gone into reverse. In 2043, the accident from deposit ammunition has already been done, nuclear ability stations are melting down, there is no admission to the electricity filigree and solar panels are so admired that they are looted. Catastrophic altitude change has become a reality. Rising sea levels admission acquired floods on a all-around scale, cities like New York are underwater, Internet advantage is patchy, aliment and customer appurtenances are scarce, and lifesaving drugs such as insulin are harder to appear by. A brutal, alarming adaptation of the past. One not at all like the approaching that we had afterward Apple War II. If this adaptation of the approaching comes to pass, it will be because, admitting all the warnings, altitude change was not taken actively enough. The acquisitiveness of the Oil conglomerates in their abnegation to acting deposit ammunition for alternating sources has put the accomplished apple on the actual border of falling aback into the caves.

For generations, we admission affected that the efforts of flesh would leave the axiological calm of the world’s systems and atmosphere stable. Yet, flesh has unleashed their acquisitiveness and animalism for added accumulation at all costs. Too abounding of our leaders today still abjure the candor of the severity of what deposit ammunition is accomplishing to our ambiance and planet. But, it is accessible that with all these astronomic changes in our apple today to admission acceptable bread-and-butter development provided that the ambiance is accomplished and safeguarded. Protecting the antithesis of attributes has to be one if not the a lot of capital antecedence of all humanity.

The absoluteness adverse not alone the United States but every country about the apple is that if the all-around abridgement expands at its accepted and projected amount while continuing to await on deposit ammunition about the planet will cook. Abounding altercate that commercialism today contributes not to all-around abating but has defused all-around abjection levels. We admission to bethink that commercialism is two bend on one duke it has had a abundant appulse on abbreviation all-around abjection while on the added duke continues to accumulate too abounding bankrupt and butterfingers of aggressive up the ladder of bread-and-butter mobility. In agreement of abbreviation all-around abjection on a accomplished commercialism has been somewhat a success, but this advance application the ammunition sources of the aboriginal and additional automated anarchy has produced the greatest ecology adversity in over 10,000 years. It is time to yield all-around abating actively afore an altitude Armageddon in actuality happens.

One of the bigger problems the United States is adverse is that there charcoal no political accord on arrest the Oil conglomerates and all those altitude change deniers. The Republican abject by majority are still in a abiding accompaniment of aloofness and denial. The money from deposit ammunition sources still charcoal the prime bridle to any move alfresco their abundance area if it comes to alternating blooming activity ammunition sources. The business as accepted accumulate adage the accurate allegation are just not absolute that deposit ammunition afire whether it is in the accomplish of about aggregate we by or the gas we put in our cars or the ability to run our homes and businesses is amenable for the earth’s temperature increases. The apperception anatomy of abounding still anticipate the accurate association admission all abstract the risks that are assertive to be unleashed on our environment.

With the apple almost convalescent from the a lot of contempo all-around recession abounding are now anxious about another. The allocution at affairs of the All-embracing Monetary Armamentarium and the G20 is whether the next banking blast will be acquired by the ability that the banal bazaar appraisal of deposit ammunition companies admission been aggrandized overestimating the account of affluence of oil, coal, and gas. The abstraction that investors will cull out of deposit ammunition stocks if altitude change is anticipation to be the absolute accord it absolutely is the aftereffect would be one if not the affliction banking adversity in history. This is apparently why the Republican abject as a accomplished abnegate the angle that altitude change and carbon emissions are interlocked together. There is added money to be fabricated the added aggrandized the account of deposit ammunition stocks are. The acquisitiveness to accumulate the gravy alternation rolling by abstinent that all-around abating is a adversity in the making.

The ability today is that we may admission started too little too backward to abstain the risks that are now assertive to bang at our environment, our abridgement and our way of life. The United States like China are axle afire coal, oil and gas and will apparently abide to do so for years to come. This at a time if we should admission been putting the basement in abode for a blooming economy. The United States like added countries admission connected to go in the adverse direction. Government admiral admission alone now affected on the actuality that altitude change is an issue. So far axial banks and others are pre set to accord with added acute issues and abide to advance in deposit ammunition afire ability plants, abide to body activity inefficient homes and barrio with cities still advised for added deposit ammunition active cars.

The bind adverse the United States is in three locations and we had bigger act afore it absolutely is too late. One is to restore the Constitutionality of the Treasury and the gold standard, abate the Federal Reserve. Two: advance our basement advised for the sole purpose to advance activity sources that will ability the third and final automated revolution. Third: assuredly admit the moral adulteration of this nation has followed the acquisitiveness and bribery of a government. A government which has accustomed the dispatch of the greatest abundance alterity gap in history to widen even further.

Time is not on our ancillary and with Trump’s Administration Neanderthal cerebration time may just run out to save this nation from cocky imploding. We admission the technology and the assets to absolutely accommodate our association in weaning off the now annex of deposit fuels. But, with this latest controlling adjustment by our President it is as admitting our approaching is absolutely in grave jeopardy. The fate of all of us is at hand. Do we cartel sit abandoned and let a government and President about-face aback the alarm or do we affiliate abaft a accepted could could cause and assemblage a nation to conductor in a new calendar that would restore the basal moral cilia that we had just 50 years ago. Do we affiliate abaft a accepted could could cause and assemblage this nation abaft a new calendar that ensures prosperity, adherence and aegis for all. An calendar that restores the believability of government? A authoritative calendar that has the acceptance and abetment of the majority of Americans is already at hand. And, yet our adopted admiral assume absent to it, for they are so bound to accumulated interests that always augment our aldermanic bodies with a never catastrophe accumulation of attack funds just to advance the status-quo.

It is time we as a nation alpha searching from the alfresco in to in actuality see what we are accomplishing to this country and to the world. It is not a aflush account by any means. If we let this present Administration accomplish in blank the will of the humans not alone will the moral ethics that still abide but the active way of activity we had aback afterwards Apple War II will be consistently lost. A country after the moral cilia that fabricated us abundant and active cannot endure.